Terugblik Missie 5: Dear human, can I actually help you?

As I indicated in my introductory item for the mission this year, I did not care much about conversation interfaces in the past few years, and even at the start of this year, I was very skeptical about their usability. Now, after a year of talking to experts, gathering opinions and diving deeper into the topic, I am ready to write a research proposal.

In the past, my experiences with them have not necessarily been life-changing. I remember back when I was a student, we tried out ELIZA, the very first voice interface, and it really did not make an impact on me. That is, until I told the computer I didn’t think it was very smart, and it told me ‘okay, but wait until the machines take over on judgement day.’ I’m sure it was just part of its pre-programmed conversational path, but when I started my mission this year, my attitude was a little different.

In the video below, I talk a little more about the process, and what this research project will be about:

Thank you for following this mission and reading, listening to, and watching our content last year, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on Linkedin or email if you want to talk!

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De producties voor deze missie worden ondersteund door redacteur Sander van Velze.

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